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GoogleBombing and the upcoming elections.

October 30, 2006


More and more people are starting to post about Google Bombing, and Republicans, and Democrats alike are going back to their methods all over again now that elections are about a week away. (but they never really stopped)


I have done several posts this month and last about Google Bombing and Google Washing etc., but it is very interesting to see other (big) SEO Marketing sites starting to talk about it again, as well as talk about how its never gone away. It is true. It has not gone away, its just that you can see it more during an election year, and because of that more people want to start talking about it again! To me its funny and I am glad when other sites start to blog about it and drum up interest in the topic because it just adds to my list of funny stuff to teach with, and talk about!

Lets keep an eye on things over the next year and see how these google-bombing methods will be used in the upcoming 2008 presidential race. Thats when I think things will get really interesting when it comes to googlewashing and googlebombing (same thing)!

Written by admin on October 30, 2006

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