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Google Sitemap Generator

May 2, 2006


Kind of a follow-up to the post I did a few days ago.   I talked about the importance of creating a Google site map, and what it will mean to your site, but I did not give any tools that I had to create one.  Here is a great resource that will do just that: 

A great resource made aware to me by a friend, and fellow SEO can generate a Google Sitemap up to 750 pages in a matter of a few minutes.  You can set the priority to crawl, how often to crawl (if ever on certain pages) and generate the XML site map with a few clicks of your mouse.  I have not found a more user-friendly way to create a sitemap.

Besides generating an XML sitemap, you can also create a Yahoo! RSS Feed for Yahoo! to automatically crawl new pages, as well as create an HTML sitemap and many other tools and features.

When using this website, and generating a map, please be patient it takes some time.  If you have a dial up connection I would’nt even bother.  Works best with a high speed connection.

The site is free, but you can donate to the cause and help keep the site alive.  Let me know if you have ever used this site, and how your experiences were with it!  I’d love to hear the feedback…

Written by admin on May 2, 2006

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