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Google-bombing “miserable failure” update

September 11, 2006


I have done a post in the past about Google-bombing and what happens when you type in the word “miserable failure” or “failure” in the Google Search and how it leads you directly to the George W. Bush bio page, well here is an update to that story I think you will all find interesting.  At least I have! 

As I often do use the example of miserable failure when talking about “Google-bombing” techniques used my many black hat (and yes, white hat) SEO’s I go and actually do the search when walking people through these examples.  I found something lately as I have been explaining this strategy that I think is weird.

Google has a sponsored results now explaining how Google-bombing happens.  Are they doing this to cover their ass?  I am not sure, but it explains how they do not agree with the Google-bombing technique but they don’t want to tamper with the “natural search results”  (Well don’t they do that all the time when they find spammers and removing websites from their index) don’t they? 

I mean, I am not really confused about this (I know how this is accomplished), its just interesting that they have to explain themselves in this particular case with a sponsored link.  Is someone pushing weight?  Now, granted I would not want to be found for the number #1 result for the term “failure” or “miserable failure” as the Prez is, but somethings going on here.  It’s interesting to say the least!

Written by admin on September 11, 2006

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