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Google as a Verb? – It’s now a Legal Issue

August 15, 2006


Google, (the search engine powerhouse) known for its “don’t be evil” motto, has sent out a series of legal letters to media organisations, warning them against using its name as a verb. I personally feel this is ridiculas but would love to hear what others are thinking about this?

If you truly do try to live by a motto of “dont be evil” how come most webmaster and seo forums dub them as evil?  Could it be that they have become what they set out to not become?  The closer they get to being as big as Microsoft the more they are going to have to deal with stuff like this, but trying to ban good PR???  What flattery…you are using Yahoo but Googling it at the same time???  How can that EVER be BAD PR? 

I think Google should invest more time in figuring out a way to prevent PPC Fraud with Adsense and Adwords rather then wasting time worrying about media companies using Google in a verb form….They keep this up they will dig thier own grave with users…

Written by admin on August 15, 2006

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