By: Chris Bennett

Get Rid of Rip Off Report in 6 Weeks

March 9, 2007


*We are not currently accepting new clients for Rip Off Report Reputation Management issues. Reputation Management issues other than Rip Off Report Feel Free to contact us. If you would like a referral to any companies we trust contact us as well.

*Update Please read these blog posts to get more information regarding Rip Off Report and how they are violating Google’s Terms of Use, as well as all the law suits and legal battles they are experiencing.

Google Your Honeymoon With Google Has to Stop

The Anatomy of a Rip Off Report Lawsuit

Since January we have successfully removed Rip Off Report 9 times for our different clientèle. I say 9 times as in 9 different search terms, like “Brand Name,” “Brand Name Product” etc… we now control 26 out of the first 30 pages for these clients and have filled the search results with information on awards and recognition they have received. Rip Off Report is on it’s way to the third page and we are going to make sure it never sees the light of day. To one of our clients this will mean a savings of over $600,000 a year as they have been loosing on average of $2,500 a day in sales. Another client upwards of $200,000 will be saved annually.

If your brand or company is suffering from Rip Off Report Results you can contact us and we can analyze your situation. If you think you can handle it on your own, or you have other sites not as authoritative as Rip Off Report slandering your brand, I will outline some steps you can do to start the cleansing process.

Before I lay out the steps towards removing site listings, understand that we do not work with companies that are truly ripping people off. We work with clients that were attacked from competitors or have customers jump to conclusions and report them without trying for resolution. One of our clients was mentioned on mistake due to a similar business name with an offender and now their google results are tainted. If you contact us and have 20 complaints in the Rip Off Report we will most likely not be on your side. Rip Off Report doesn’t police like they should if you are going to have a site with that kind of power you should be acting in due diligence and asking companies to comment before allowing the post to go live. That is what the news does. Also we sleep at night even though we go after the rip off report because they are out to get companies and have been accused of some shady stuff. (Do a Google Search Rip Off Report Lawsuit and Rip Off Report Racketeering to see for yourself)

I’m not saying that there are not legitimate complaints in the Rip Off Report, there obviously are, for this reason we do our research before working with a client to remove the Rip Off Report pages for them, and again that is why we make sure we are only working with sites that are suffering and not hurting consumers.

3 Simple Steps to Start Cleaning Up Your Rep

1.) Get a profile on every social site in exsistance

There was a post about this on another blog talking about social media squatting you need to make sure you are in control of your brand everywhere. We grab every social media site for our prominant clients to ensure control, even if they don’t need rep management, as anyone can go and get or brand. If you are in a very competitive industry where competition plays dirty I would grab the profiles with different variations such as .com/your-brand and .com/yourbrand one with the dash and one without. You could go through all the work of grabbing one version and missing the other and your competitor will still rank for your name.

Here is some must have list of social pages to set up brand profiles (use this to link to all your other profiles)

blogspot sub domain

9 rules



If you are going after something as strong as rip off report you will need more than this and you will need to drive a lot of links to these social pages.

2.) Get bloggers to talk about your brand or review your product. You can do this by contacting them directly or use a service like Review Me. Or ask for others to blog for you in forums. Where ever you go you want to make sure that the blogs have a healthy index, meaning a low supplemental result rate and that the posts get indexed and stay indexed after going past the first page. If you own sites build sub domains with your brand in the URL and the Title and mention some of the awards you have one or accomplishments you want consumers to know. We have acces to over 400 Blogs and 350 sites that are all indexed well and we can get this done in one weekend.

3.) Use press release and article sites such as or Ezinearticles to write articles about your product, and link them to other pages about your company.

If the site you are going after is really authoritative you will need to go at this with a lot of precision contact us if you need any assistance.

Also check out Reputation Management Category on our blog we constantly update this with new tips and info for protecting your brands in Google.

Written by Chris Bennett on March 9, 2007

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