By: Chris Bennett

First Update to Social Media for FireFox Extension – We Are Not Spying On YOU

September 15, 2007


My new best friend Pierre Far brought to my attention via a post last night that there may be some problems with our new Firefox extension Social Media for Firefox. He stated that there were somethings being sent to a Data Base that looked concerning to say the least. Dazzling Donna also covered it and the story is on Sphinn right now.

I am thankful for them posting this and I would of done the same if I noticed something fishy regarding a new tool I just installed that a lot of people were exited about.

Immediately after Pierre posted on his blog, I replied and emailed him directly giving him full access to our Data Base reports so he could help me recognize any wrongful data that was being stored. We did set up a data base and the reason was to watch for problems in the vote reporting especially for SU and Reddit as they do not have API’s and we have always had issues with them. Pierre noticed that there was some problems particularly with less protected sites that was leading to the recording of things that we had no idea of. Things like URL strings having the user name in them etc..

Upon this info we immediately deactivated the reporting and we now have a new version available that has no ties whatsoever to any reporting or database.

You can access the new version 1.0.12 by going to tools in FF and selecting “add ons” and then “find updates”

or you can delete it through add ons as well and install a new version here.

I will be the first to admit to this Folly I take full responsibility. I do not know how to program, nor do I plan to learn. I sent the tool in beta to a programming friend he was too busy to check it out, and I should of waited until he did.

This was not intentional I apologize to the SEO community, we created this tool to help us build better SM accounts and it definitely helped us, we wanted nothing but to share it with everyone else so they could do the same. Mat and I have built 97th Floor from the ground up, it is our source of income, and our passion. We would never intentionally do anything that would jeopardize users of our product.

Again I apologize know now that you can build those power accounts without the 97th Floor Big Brother Watching Over you. Everything that was recorded has been destroyed and deleted.

Again this was an innocent mistake that I will not back away from.

On a positive note we have had some people report that they are already experiencing very positive results with reaching first page glory on the different social sites.

Written by Chris Bennett on September 15, 2007

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