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End of Week Re-cap

May 4, 2007


Been way to busy this week for a lot of blogging!  I am very sorry about that.  I will be getting back to posting more often soon, there is just a lot going on right now!  I have to admit I have been updating some cool things on my Twitter account more often then I have been blogging this week!

  • Bought several domains, got them all set up and indexed in a day, oh yea … and ranking.
  • Read more great stuff (funny and informative) on buying links.
  • Preparing for Link Building webinar
  • Suggested Matt Cutts go to Jackson, Wy
  • Closed on a house finally after a loan from hell finally went through.
  • Temp. in Utah went from 88 to 44 overnight.  Snow in May?? (another reason why I am leaving)
  • Client work.  I am working with some amazing people.  I love working online!

Well, that pretty much sums up my week.  It has been a busy one, but a most productive one.  I am working on some pretty cool posts about Google News (can’t believe more have not been talking about whats been going on) and more information on link buying/building and baiting.

Written by admin on May 4, 2007

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