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Branding yourself as an authority in your field.

April 4, 2006


Most internet business owners lack the branding they need to really set themselves apart from the competition.  I am not talking about the logo or web design either.  I am talking about branding yourself as the authority in your field.  In other words if you have a website on web site hosting, you need to prove to the world you are an authority on web hosting and everything in between.

How do you do this?

Here is a list of sites and things you can do to start branding yourself and getting your name out there.

  • Write ArticlesWhere?  Digg – Wikipedia – iSnare for example (sites like these) About What? Anything related to your field.
  • Start TaggingWhere?  Del.icio.usFurl  for example Why?  Community members heavily use these resources and if you have a list of useful resources that you have tagged (social bookmarking) then you will start to get more credibility that way as well.
  • Press —  Where, Why and How?  PrwebPrnewswire24-7 Press Release do it because when your press is out there you will get better rankings for that release (as well help website rankings) and when people (potential customers) read it you automatically become more popular in thier mind cause you have “press” done on you.  Plus lets just say a big newspaper or magazine does pick your release up, how do you think that will make your website look when you can say, “check out our press in “whatever magazine”  Again it builds up your credibility establishing you as an authority.
  • Start BloggingWhere? BloggerWordPress You can start posting articles about your field, or if you are generally asked a ton of questions everyday (like I am) then you will have plenty of ideas to blog about that people will keep coming back to and reading (again establishing you as an authority).

These are just a few simple ideas that can really help fuel your business and make all the difference in the world.

Written by admin on April 4, 2006

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