By: Chris Bennett

BlueGlass Florida Are You Going?

October 27, 2010


BlueGlass FL

As far as learning from conferences go I am not a big fan excluding SMX and now BlueGlass. I quickly became a fan of SMX events because of the different speakers they offer that don’t have agendas to sell you crap. BLueGlass is set out to be a new generation of conferences that I think will fill a void.

I have several clients and friends that have attended past BlueGlass events and they couldn’t say enough good things about it. Very intimate and full of advanced info you aren’t going to get anywhere else. The panel I am speaking on is Viral Strategies and from the talks I have had with the other presenters it is going to be an awesome panel with fresh content. This will be one of the best conferences of the year or networking as well.

So hurry and grab the last seats i heard it is almost sold out. use my coupon code “cb15” and you can save 15% off.

If you go come up and say hi. I will also be showing off the new Social Media for Chrome Ext. there it is awesome.

P.S. BlueGlass also got my boy Cameron Olthius out of speaking retirement and that alone is reason to go.

Written by Chris Bennett on October 27, 2010

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