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Google’s Blogspot – leader of the plague of fake (spammy) websites

March 20, 2007


I read a very interesting article today that I wanted to share with everyone on the SERP’s being dominated by fake and spammy doorway pages being led by non other then Google‘s Blogspot blogging service.

(Let me first point out) Has anyone else noticed that the SERP’s on Google have been dominated with two Wikipedia entries, three Digg entries, a couple of MySpace pages and a You Tube (here or there) in the top ten results of every search?  Don’t even get my started how on MSN the SERP’s top results are full of Google’s Blogspot spammy adsense sites or doorway pages for fake Black Hat SEO purposes.

It’s funny to me that Google tries to make known its fight against spam, yet owns the programs for the two biggest reasons for spam on the net (Blogspot and AdSense).  I think AdSense is great program that helps make website owners (additional) money, but Google has to come up with a better way to combat the crap online that is dominating the search engine rankings, and put a stop to those that continue to abuse these programs.

Written by admin on March 20, 2007

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