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Blogging for Rankings

May 23, 2006


As a brand new internet business just starting out, there are so many things stacked against you its not funny. For example you have a brand new domain name (you probably only registered it for a year), no links, no page rank, nothing! How do you intend of getting the search engines to know who you are? Here’s a suggestion:

Create a Blog.

Any brand new website should create a blog that is maintained atleast 5 days a week and multiple posts daily (if possible). When doing this you are creating content that the search engine spiders are longing for. it also gives the spiders reasons to keep coming back to your site. They are looking for the most relevant site that provides good unique content. If you can focus on writting posts and articles related to the main keywords you want to be found for … you will start to be found for them. You will see traffic and rankings kick in pretty quickly. Alot quicker then if you did not do this–thats for sure!

Most product sites do not have the kind of content that changes alot. This could be a reason they have a hard time gaining better rankings on the major engines. Thats why creating a blog is the perfect idea for brand new site. You can provide useful information, reviews, other people commenting about your products (good or bad) … testimonials believe it or not can be one of the biggest factors of articles getting found.

You may have to get creative at times (when thinking about what to write on), but if all else fails start writting reviews about your products. Nobody knows your product better then you (hopefully). Just remember that keeping an updated and fresh blog will help any site especially if they are brand new get indexed faster, crawled more often and achieve higher rankings.

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Written by admin on May 23, 2006

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