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Become an Expert at Something, Then Duplicate It

March 15, 2007


Most of the people I talk to on a daily basis are not seasoned business owners.  Most of them are brand new to the internet, search and business in general.  Often times it can be frustrating when trying to help some of these people see the vision of what this business can grow into.  I have some simple advice that should help those on the fence with this.

When starting out do not bite off more then you can chew.  If I am brand new to this business I am not going to try starting a dating site (I am speaking from experience), or think I can create an Amazon, or eBay.  I am going to start with a niche product line, or idea and grow it.   Even if the site I start with can only generate me 500 bucks/month, I have learned how to create something that makes money and I will duplicate it.  I will toss out ideas that have lost money and move one.  Most familiar with business in general know that there will be failures, so giving up after one failure is not an option for true success.

Once you become an expert at something then you can build on that, duplicate your efforts and grow your business.

Written by admin on March 15, 2007

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