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My Blog Log – You Got One Week!

May 27, 2007


Hey My Blog Log – You got one week to apologise to all of the social marketers out there you snubbed this week (calling “SchMOes”), or you are gone from all my sites – for good, and I am tagging myself as a Spammer. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I forgave you once already, but it will not happen again. If it wasn’t bad enough for your business (and user credibility) banning ShoeMoney, calling the very people who use your service “spammers” was the most stupid move of all.

I missed this at first to be honest, I rarely use My Blog Log since the whole incident with ShoeMoney anyway (other then the cool statistical tracking ability they offer). I saw this week that they had introduced a new tagging feature which at first glance I thought was a cool idea.

For those of you that are not familiar with what My Blog Log did this last week, here it is in a nutshell – they created a new tagging system (as mentioned above) but went into to much detail about how to use tags (see below)

“Spam – If you think someone is spamming you, tag it out loud! Internally, we like to call a user who games the system a SchMOe (Social Media Optimizer). Tag anyone who spams you with the term schmoe.”

I will not go into all of the backlash, but you can read it here, here, here and here. The most amazing social media idea has been created by my partner and friend Chris Bennett over at (the other blog I co-author) 97th Floor. We already removed the My Blog Log widget from the 97th Floor blog.

My Blog Log has one week to apolgise to all of us “SchMOes” or “Spammers” who created them, or I am taking them off for the last and final time. I will tag all of my blogs as “SchMOes” and never look back. I know I am just one person, but I am one person deeply inter-twined with the search and social media industry, and if I get even one more person to stop using My Blog Log for calling us Spammers, then I am fine with that.

My prediction – I will have to stick a fork in them too, and call them done:

fry my blog log

Who cares anyway? I survived life after Digg died. Did I mention how much I love Stumble Upon and Twitter?

Written by admin on May 27, 2007

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