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Are you a comment spammer?

March 31, 2006


First of all if you do not know what comment spamming is then let me give you an example.  Have you ever been reading someones blog, and you see a random comment like, “nice blog, check out my casino site”  or something like that and there is a link or a URL left …  If you are reading a blog about how you don’t agree with the Iraq war and you see a comment like this, well what you have just witnessed is a comment spammer.  If you run a credible blog that you want your readers to take serious then you know what a problem this is.  So what can you do about it? 

  • You can include charachter strings (where you have to enter a number or something like that to continue or post) 
  • You can also threaten to report as spam
  • You can blacklist them.
  • Turn off the ability to link on your website
  • If you allow links then implement a “no follow tag” so they get no credit on the search engines.
  • block thier IP address. 
  • The most important thing you should do is have an area on your blog where you talk about your comment posting policy.

Anyone who is familiar with blogging (and how useful they are) should be a good member of any community they are in.  If you provide useful information, and articles related to the blogs the reader will look into who you are and you will gain credibility and exposure that way.  So bottom line, just be a good contibutor and you will get the exposure you are looking for, comment spam free!

Written by admin on March 31, 2006

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