By: Vince Blackham

Announcing the Return of “Viral Marketing Friday” with a Name-Twist

April 10, 2012


We’re very excited to announce the return of one of our favorite segments we used to do here! Viral Marketing Friday is back and now known as Content Marketing Friday, where we’ll be taking suggestions from our readers on boring and overdone topics and turning them into killer, useable ideas.

Yeah, it’s THAT epic!

We had some fun with those old posts. Many of you probably remember the “Start Some Controversy” post or the one we did on Text Messaging Reminders. Admittedly, we did tend to steer towards ideas around “Top 10’s”, but be ready for a whole new spin on things here. We’re taking all ideas in all areas (minus the NSFW type). Hit us up on Twitter, over at the @97thFloor account, or just post here in the comments and we’ll do our best to get to most of them.

We’ve made it our goal to create the most interesting and unique content on the interwebz. We’re looking forward to sharing our method and our flow with you. See you Friday!

Written by Vince Blackham on April 10, 2012

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