By: Chris Bennett

97th Floor Redesign Complete

August 2, 2007


So we finally completed our redesign, as always there are some small changes that have yet to be done. But the overall design and the moving of our old blog from a different url to are completed and those were my biggest issues. This has been a big project and I am tired. Like the animals I need some torpor, hibernation, or estivation here.

A couple of things we are particularly excited about beside the incredible job my Bro. did on the web design, is our new client showcase, and our “Words We Rank” Tag Cloud.

Our new client showcase is the rotating logos on the nav, and while that isn’t anything new or spectacular, some of our clients are. Our old client page never got updated and we have been working with some really cool companies since.

The “Words We Rank Tag Cloud” is something that we wanted to do to show our stuff and back up our skills. I love SEO, and don’t consider working at 97th Floor work at all, but instead a place to fuel my passion. We have gained rankings for some pretty insane keywords and we wanted to list some of those on our site in a unique way that didn’t disclose the client but shared the success. Obviously every site has thousands of long tail keywords and some secret sauce keywords that convert like crazy that their competition doesn’t know about. We didn’t want to over extend the list and water it down so we took a handful of some words we feel share our advanced strategies along with our capability to market sites in many different markets.

One other thing that will be interesting to watch is how Google treats our 301’s from our old blog, There were hundreds and hundreds of pages to redirect and categories to consolidate. So far Google is doing well with it, we already had one of our good rankings SEO Blog get replaced from the old URL to our current one, and that is good to see. It will be interesting to see how our articles that made Digg Popular on the old URL do with 301’s to the new one.

Still a laundry list of some tweaks to finish but overall we are stoked to finally get the design done and thanks to my Brother and his team at Modern Blue Design. If anyone needs serious design and php he is the one to talk to.

Written by Chris Bennett on August 2, 2007

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