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2nd PR update of January – WHO CARES! (My Rant)

January 27, 2007


I wish I had even just a nickle for every person that talked to me about their page rank (going up or down) over the last couple of days.

Here is my take on it – WHO CARES ABOUT PAGE RANK! If you are still lost in worrying about page rank in 2007 maybe you should go hide some keywords on your website for better rankings!

I have a couple of sites that stayed the exact same, and one retail site that went from a 4 to a 3, and you know what? I have never had more traffic (and sales) to that PR 3 site in my life! You know why? Because what really matters is how the search engines are caching you (and my PR3 site is getting “cached” everyday). So you see, I did not give a crap that my site dropped in PR because all my rankings are up, traffic is up and sales are up! That is what’s important here!

It makes me laugh to hear about a person being so excited their PR going up, because my questions to them would be; “Is your traffic up?” “Are you making more sales?” “What kind of rankings do you have?”

PR does not mean a damn thing anymore. Learn more about why you should be paying more attention to the cache. I also did a post about cache date and supplemental results a couple days ago on another blog I author.

Ok, my rant about PR is over … back to “happy Mat”.

Written by admin on January 27, 2007

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