By: Shante Schroeder

Episode 013: Susan McPherson and Sustainable Communication

March 19, 2015


    In this episode of 97th Floor Radio, Shante Schroeder speaks with Susan McPherson and adapting in an ever-changing marketing communications landscape, best practices in communicating corporate social responsibility and being one of the most influential women on Twitter.

    You will learn:

    1:30 How Susan got her start and adapted within the ever-changing marketing and communications landscape.

    3:30 Adapting: tools have changed but the methodology is the same – dig deep, into research, connecting and work.

    4:45 Susan’s response to being named Fortune’s 55 Most Influential Women on Twitter

    5:50 Managing information overload, monitoring the sources you pull information from and using technology to aggregate the right sources.

    8:10 What sustainable communication is and what it is not.

    11:00 The importance of authentically communicating corporate social responsibility while effecting the bottom line.

    11:45 How to get started infusing social good into a company’s day-to-day business and workflow, whether you’re a small, medium or enterprise size organization. Invest now. It’s much easier to turn a rowboat around than a cruise ship.

    15:50 Being innovative is the thing; talking about being innovative is not the thing.

    16:21 Companies need to be mindful about what they consume and what they put out there.

    17:00 Failure, complacency and fear – keep pushing, keep striving and what gets you excited to get up in the morning.

    19:00 All about Girl Rising, the story of nine young girls and how they overcame the barriers to education in their country.

    21:50 Susan’s thoughts on Emma Watson’s HeForShe movement and why it’s at the forefront of social reform once again in a seeming new way.

    24:54 What Susan hopes to be remembered for and being a good human being.

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    Learn more about Girl Rising | Fuel the Movement

    Learn  more about HeForShe

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    Written by Shante Schroeder on March 19, 2015

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