By: Shante Schroeder

Episode 008: Women’s Role in Digital Marketing

January 6, 2015


    In this session of 97th Floor Radio, Shante Schroeder and Jayme Jenkins, lead digital marketers at 97th Floor, discuss women in digital marketing – specifically what they’ve encountered and advice for women in the industry.

    You will learn:

    • A few theories on why the industry is predominantly male
    • More and more women drawn from different industries into digital marketing as it evolves
    • As we start to see an influence of social media and how that can impact organic search etc. – we start to see a cross-collaboration of males and females in the industry
    • Why is it important to set up an environment that attracts and retains women?
    • Digital marketing it not one-dimensional – you need that cross collaboration between males and females – an exchange of different ideas where everyone is collaborating to get the best results for the client
    • Be direct and fair
    • What to tell those women who feel like they are not getting the respect they deserve
    • Be confident in your craft
    • Come to the table with strong recommendations, know your stuff
    • It starts with results
    • If you don’t have experience, ask smart questions
    • The female superpowers
    • Does your behavior reflect how you wish to be perceived?
    • Common mistakes women make in the workplace
    • Be aware
    • It is not impossible to have a strong voice in a company that is predominantly male
    • What does the tone of your voice say about you?
    • How to say ‘No’
    • Have your own voice

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    Written by Shante Schroeder on January 6, 2015

    Shante is the Director of Marketing & Communications at 97th Floor.

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