By: Shante Schroeder

Episode 004: Richie Norton and How to Crush Fear

December 16, 2014


In this session of 97th Floor Radio, Shante Schroeder speaks with Richie Norton, an international speaker and consultant, Founder and CEO of Global Consulting Circle, and bestselling author. They discuss his book, The Power of Starting Something Stupid and “how to crush fear, make dreams happen, and live without regret.”

You will learn:

  • The circumstances that inspired Richie’s book, The Power of Starting Something Stupid
  • The trap of “The Retirement Mentality”
  • Lean into your “stupid” ideas
  • Gavin’s Law: Live to start. Start to live.
  • Build up to your dream – start with the one thing that you know you can do and once you succeed, take the next step.
  • Crush fear – literally crush it!
  • There’s no going around fear, the key is to go through the fear, that’s where you’ll find success.
  • Problem solving – how to approach the hard stuff
  • How do you stay charged?
    1. Recognize when you’re in a down moment and understand it’s just a tunnel, not a cave
    2. Have something to look forward to
  • Richie debunks the myth of the “lazy procrastinator”
  • The legacy he hopes to leave behind, how he hopes to inspire others
  • What’s next for Richie Norton

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Written by Shante Schroeder on December 16, 2014

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